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post # 5 – Propaganda leaves us blinded

 As I have spent the last two months traveling different parts of Europe from Kusadasi, Istanbul, Athens, Agia, Rome, Florence and Pisa I have seen many different media outlets. One common factor that all these European countries have in common is the fact that they have a media overload of propaganda. From information overdrive with hundreds of thousands of flyers (promoting everything from Anarchy to a Irish pub) covering the streets of Athens and Rome to a more artistic form of vandalism in spray paint covering Florence and Pisa.

For countries that are not necessarily as media literate as the United States these forms of media are different sources that the U.S. is not as familiar with. Hardly ever would one walk down a major street in the U.S. and see thousands of posters and flyers covering walls and overlapping one another. One would also not see in the states hundreds of artistically drawn pictures and pieces of work in the form of spray paint on walls, buildings, cars and busses – more often than not the spray paint would just be a name of a person, place or “gang.”

So, for this blog, I decided to take a different route and show you my propaganda experience through photos. Enjoy.

Nicholas Vitukevich, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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