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Simple Living

Hey Everyone!

This week I want to write about an experience that really got to me. The other day as a class we went on a field trip to a house and a farm that was completely off the grid. For those unsure of the term, it means that the house and farm did not use electricity from the electric plant that runs lines to many of your homes and to this campus. The man who owned the farm makes his own electricity using solar panels. He runs other things on natural gas. He tries his best to live off his land, milking cows and raising other livestock for his needs. This was really awesome to see because when I was a little girl I always wanted to live like Laura Ingles in Little House on the Prairie. We have a cabin near the Adirondacks in my home in NY and I have always loved it there, and vowed to live a similarly to that of our cabin lifestyle. As I got older the idea of living simply still was on my mind, but it seemed more of a dream then a reality. Growing up with a wondrous cabin in the woods and living among the Amish (who also don’t use electricity and life completely off their land) was awesome but I still didn’t see a way that I could live my dream without a lot of sacrifices. Because of this experience I saw how a husband and wife, both teachers, were able to live simply and yet still have the technological luxuries their job required. It made me see once again that my dream could become a reality once more.

Rebakka Milles,
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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