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“I Wanna Rock”

Last weekend my sister, Martha, and I went to see the musical Rock of Ages. Constantine Maroulis, who was in American Idol a few years back, is the lead, Drew, in the musical. My sister has been in love with him since American Idol, and we have always wanted to see Rock of Ages on Broadway, but unfortunately Broadway shows (first unfortunate thing about Broadway/Shows) don’t last forever. So, when we heard Rock of Ages was in Boston we immediately bought tickets, and we found out Constantine would be playing Drew in the tour. Needless to say we were extremely excited for the day to come when we would finally see Rock of Ages with Constantine Maroulis. So, the day came. So many things led up to this day. We saw Wicked in Boston the week before and we went to a few concerts, and my sister said this was going to be the best of them all, and I was pretty sure it was going to be too (but I’m a Wicked fan all the way).
We planned to spend the whole day in Boston, go see Rock of Ages, even possibly meet Constantine, and then go visit our two friends that go to school in Boston. My sister and I were so excited as we waited in the hall to get to our seats. We had amazing seats, we were a couple of feet away from the stage and no one was in front of us, so the actors were looking at us the whole time. We were getting pumped up for an amazing musical and my sister was getting pumped up to see Constantine, as 80s rock music played in the background. Then, it began…a few minutes went by and this peculiar boy came out…that looked like the character Drew was supposed to be…but it definitely was not Constantine…unknown by was introduced as Drew…where was Constantine?! I truly thought it was a joke, and any minute they would switch the actors…Then, a man said, “Wait, something’s missing!” uhm yeah something is missing! Unfortunately that thing missing was a girl lead. OMG. I looked at my sister’s face and it was not a happy face. I’m quite a loud person so I was kept saying “this is a joke, right? Okay any minute now.” I continued through the whole first act waiting for Constantine to come out. I could see the disappointment on my sister’s face and I felt horrible. She had been waiting for years to see him. So I, being the best big sister I am, leave during intermission to yell at someone because we had nothing that said the understudy would be playing Drew or anything…before I went to “yell” at someone I went to check the front board where it might have said something about the understudy. Sure enough, turned so that not everyone would be able to see… “Today so and so will be playing the role of Drew.” Of course we didn’t see it!

That’s just how it goes with the theater. The same person cannot always play the role, that’s why they have understudies. I checked later on twitter and Constantine said it was the perfect day for Dan, I think his name was, to take over Drew for the performance, and that nothing was wrong with him. Of course, the day Martha and I go. I guess that’s the luck of the theater.

Overall it was an amazing show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I did not picture that boy playing Drew, I pictured Constantine, and I had difficulty watching him sometimes, but it was okay. He had an amazing voice and was really good. Maybe it will come back around some other time. I do recommend you go see it if it does. It’s filled with some of the best 80s rock songs from Journey, Whitesnake, Styx, Bon Jovi, and more. Yes, “I Wanna Rock” was in it. I felt like I was at a concert, there were even a few times where we got up and danced because we couldn’t help but dance. There was a band on stage the whole time, and it was formatted nicely to ensure complete entertainment. It is also one of the only shows I’ve been to where almost all of the main characters walk through the aisles, and through the audience. It was an amazing experience, besides the fact that Constantine was not there.

Amelia Walters,  Arts and Entertainment Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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