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We’re All Falling For Fall

“I taste blood every time I think of summer if that’s true, I’m in for quite a treat.‘cos I’m begging  for the sun in a mid-Missouri winter, waiting desperately to get out of town.” -Ludo

Well it’s Fall Break and most people have left campus for quick visits back home. I can’t blame them. Though I love college, the campus, the people, and the atmosphere, a break would be welcomed very warmly. I still get homesick every now and then in the smallest ways. For example, my blanket nickname of ‘Hey, Texas,” which once used to frustrate me I now answer with an immense amount of pride. In some ways I feel like the school year has hit full swing. Classes are shelling out work, activities to jump to, and friends to entertain, and to be quite honest-I kind of like it. Even though campus has been practically deserted the last few days I kind of love it. I’m convinced I’ve become infatuated with watching the sun set on the dock (there’s some romanticists ideas there, I guess).

As far as class work goes *sigh* I’m starting to learn how much self discipline I lack that I wasn’t even aware of (for example, though I’m writing this, I’m currently logged into to Facebook, and very entertained with Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole’s cover of “Over the Rainbow” ). Though it may be petty, finding motivation gets difficult at times, my College Writing II class is currently slaughtering me, at the end of the day I’m aware its entirely my fault, I guess I haven’t found that balance yet. Though it may be lame, the idea of college, the lure of 2,000 other students so close all the time, so interesting, is still very invigorating to me, and the idea that there’s ALWAYS something to do kind of beats me over the head. I figure if my mom could see me now and the fact that my dorm is a mess, you can barely see the work space of my desk and that I went without a shower for two days, she’d go old school southern on me sooooo fast!

One thing I’ve found is that it feels awesome when seniors in high school ask me what college is like and I get to have a hand in telling them what they might expect, what its like etc though I haven’t been here too long it kind of takes me back to last year, remembering the buzzing talk of college apps and future majors. Its weird the things we said we’d never do in college in high school, the habits we promised ourselves we wouldn’t develop and the even bigger best friend promise of “I’ll call you everyday..” then the year kicks off, and we’ve found ourselves deciding whether or not to do what we said we wouldn’t, catching ourselves in those cliché habits we were warned about and somehow still slipped into, and realizing our besties back home hasn’t received a call in a days, or the mother for that matter.

For now, I’m hacking out the Fall Break-have a great playlist to accompany me, and lots of work to do. Sorry for the rant lol! Have a great week.


Jessica Addis
Pierce Arrow Blogger



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