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Getting Involved

The first thing I heard about this school exactly a month ago was to be involved and do as much as you can. If no one hasn’t noticed yet, Rindge in basically in the middle of nowhere besides Keene being 30 minutes away. I took that advice, and did as much as I could without being overwhelmed my first year here. I bring this up because I have been so busy that I almost forgot to do this blog today. With school, going to the bubble, writing for the Pierce Arrow, starting flag football, and trying to keep a social life alive, there is so much going on. It’s a good balance and it lets me stay busy when there’s nothing to do. I really like this because there wasn’t that much for me to do at my high school besides playing football. With exactly a month gone by I am really enjoying this school and the certain atmosphere that comes with it. Until next time, take it easy.

Mike Husson
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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