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What are you doing to promote sustainability on campus?!

What are YOU doing to promote Sustainability on Campus???

A LOT!!!!

Our AWESOME CAs are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word! Keep your eyes out for activities like:

  • Making t-shirt out of bags
  • Environmental Jeopardy
  • Trading in old light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs
  • Recycled material sculpture building
  • Recycling contest for New Hampshire Hall
  • Recycling contest for Mt. Washington Hall
  • Rock decorating to utilize as door props

Some events are still being worked out by the Community Assistants.  The events that are in the currently in the works are:

  • Making plant pots out of cups and potentially using plastic soda rings and shopping bags to create new products
  • A recycling contest between the five suites on the third floor of Cheshire Hall.
  • Lakeview clean-up and a discussion of “green” cleaning supplies.
  • Tie-Dying clothing with a discussion about water conservation

It doesn’t stop there………

The Community Service Office Staff collected 55 lbs of aluminum can tabs and donated them to The Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Springfild, MA in May 2010.

Amazing work everyone!  Please contact me, Michelle Comeau, x4255 to share what YOU have been doing to promote FPU’s Sustainability, or if you would like to participate in any of these fantastic events!!!

Michelle Comeau
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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