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Glee is BACK!

So, last Wednesday was the premiere of Season 2 of GLEE! I was very excited because I am a Gleek, and it is one of my favorite shows. I think it has something to do with my love of music and. I truthfully was a little nervous while I was waiting for it to come on…wondering if it would be good, or live up to last season’s phenomenal performances and just over-all quality of the show. Some might say it’s crap, but I think it’s just really good entertainment. You have to have a tolerance for random out-bursts of singing of course, like musicals, so if you don’t like that sort of thing Glee probably isn’t for you.

But anyways onto the episode…They started off with an overview of all of the characters…except for Miss Pillsbury…where was she? Arty is no longer going out with Tina, which is awful, but instead she is going out with the other Asian boy. I was scared also because they said something about doing no more show-tunes, so I was not expecting to hear two of my favorite songs from musicals. They started with Empire State of Mind, probably because their competition is going to be in New York. Then, they covered Telephone. Rachel and the new girl, who was played by Filipino music star Charice, and it was amazingly epic. Rachel was trying to get people to audition for Glee club but along the way she found this amazing singer, so of course she would try everything in her power to prevent her from getting in the glee club. The new boy along with the boys of the club sang Billionaire. I must say good job with having popular songs! (Although the originals are still better) Then, the new girl sang Listen from Dream Girls, which was amazing. Rachel and Finn were almost about to break up, but of course they cannot because they are meant for each other. Rachel ended the episode with What I Did for Love from A Chorus Line, which is one of my favorite songs. So overall I would have to say the first episode was pretty good.

This Wednesday was the Britney Spears episode. I still do not know what to think about it. Brittany, the blonde cheerleader who only dances, actually sang in this episode. Of course it was only in her dreams that she was “better than Britney Spears herself” but she was really good. She is also an amazing dancer and that was showcased too. It was a very weird episode though, just a lot of music video – type thing breaks. I wasn’t too fond of that.

Miss Pillsbury (Emma) was in this episode along with her long awaited dentist boy friend to appear, who was played by John Stamos. It was a lot of “oh you belong with me” crap from Will’s part, but he is still in love with Emma, I guess he has every right to be jealous and angry at her new boy friend. Emma seemed torn, but obviously she would be. There was also a second where Will’s ex-wife appeared, and she is still psychotic. And of course there cannot be an episode without Rachel doing something wrong or trying to be someone she is not.

Along with Britney Spears songs, Rachel sang The Only Exception by Paramore, which I loved. But, I still like Hayley Williams’ voice singing it better. The end was very emotional though, between Rachel and Finn and Will just crying on the side.

Much more happened in both episodes but I cannot give you every single detail. So you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves.

I’m still excited about this season and I bet it will progressively get better, so check it out.

Amelia Walters,  A&E Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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