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Incoming Colors!

Well the first few weeks of school have been absolutely amazing, definitely life changing whether its been skinny dipping in the lake to star gazing on a grassy hill outside the pub to late night giggle fits with the girls in my hall, its become difficult to be homesick. in new light of things I am begining to fell the impinging stress of college as well-last night running from SGA to theatre rehearsal; and tonight running from cheerleading practice to anthro club to theatre, I have to say I enjoy every single minute of it. Most of all I love the bubble I’ve found myself in, though being a city girl it was hard to get used to the quaint isoloation of being in god’s middle of nowhere I can’t really see myself in a bustling city anymore. I have no idea what the rest of the year has in store for me or where it will take me but for now were young, we smell good and were alive-and perhaps at the end of the day thats all that matters. one thing I have to admit-as lame as this sounds-walking out of my dorm into fresh air and seeing the trees in the midst of full on color changes; from green to red to yellow to-has begun to be favorite part of being outside(trees dont change like that in Texas), and now I’m counting down for snow. Well off to go do homework before my busy evening ensues. and also I should also say the friends I’ve mede here definitely top most I’ve made elsewhere. (when will snow come???)

Jessica Addis
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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