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Make a Change

I hope that everyone has decided on a reason why they want to make changes in their life. Today I am going to give you guys 3 helpful tips that you can change.

1. I just found out in one of my classes that you can recycle any CDs you buy; just send them back to the recording company. So if you have CDs that you never listen to because they are now on your computer, or ipod, or you have CDs that you liked as a kid but don’t care for now, just send them back to the recording company.

2. For those of you that cook in your own place, or live with cooking amenities, there is a farmers market on Thursdays 4-6, or you can go up to a local farm (head out like you’re going to Keene, take your first right after the gas station that is on the corner of 119 and 12) and purchase a share and you can get everything you need (vegetables and meat), it’s a CSA program. Try it out!!

3. When printing off anything make it double sided, I know what you’re thinking; it seems like an obvious thing, but so many people are not doing that. It is important to use both sides of the paper. Also the place to recycle paper on campus is behind the facilities department, or in the paper recycling bins in the classrooms.

I hope these were helpful, until next time; try and make those changes!! Every little bit helps!

Rebakka Milles
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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