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Busy Schedule

My days of the week are pretty much all booked up at this point. I have recently gotten involved in a few things on campus. I got a job at the library, which so far I really like. I have also joined the psychology club. As previously mentioned, I am a social work and counseling major. I want to focus more on the counseling aspect so I thought psych club may help me to get more involved in my major.

Weekends are the problem I have had since I moved on campus. Every weekend, I have to drive an hour and a half to work my 12-16 hours at Easy Spirit. This means I don’t really get to experience weekends at college, which I feel is an important aspect. Of course, there are reasons why I don’t quit that job, and just stick to my work study. The extra money is definitely great, because car insurance bills seem to always find me when I’m broke. I also love my job, and would have a really hard time leaving. Plus, I try to spend some time with my boyfriend on the weekends as well.

Deciding whether the true college experience or life at home is more important will definitely be tough. I’m not sure how to go about the situation. I know deep down that moving on is the best way to go, but I just can’t do that right now. I feel like I will break down if I give my home life up, and then I won’t do well in school. So, I guess for now, things will have to remain the same, and weekends will be something that I am not a part of at Franklin Pierce.

Rachel Moon
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