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In the Middle of the Earth

The freshness of the air hit me as I began to walk closer into the sea. I dove into the middle of the sea, where no one can hear me. Its just me and my conscience. I began to swim deeper into the sea and as I swam I notice aquaculture in the sea. I gasped for air and went back up to the surface. As the sun’s rays were blazing onto my skin, I went toward the bar and joined the rest of my American friends. They decided to drink for pure intoxication while I was drinking for the pleasure of having one. The sight of the sea coast was to be appreciated and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

It was a cold wet drink in my hand as I picked it up to sip it. As the fluid ran through my body I felt a burning sensation throughout my throat and I felt the sea breeze as it blew to cool me down. I began to notice the Grecians in the water playing volleyball. “Andrea let’s go up to them and ask them if we can join,” I said. Andrea is a very friendly person when it comes to having fun. As I approach the Grecians I asked “Cantalevente Angleka?”(Do you understand English?) “Ne” he responded which meant he understood English. Even though he was not good with his English we understood each other through hand signals. We each divided into our own quadrants in the sea. As we began to serve, toss and hit the volleyball I realized that they are just like us, adults just wanting a good time.

As the sun set we were playing volleyball for a very long time and then we all parted. Andrea and I went to get our bags and head over to the tram. I was feeling a bit hungry as we stopped by the food bar. I decided to grab a gyro, a wrap that is filled with chicken and Tzekti sauce.  “I can’t believe we were in the middle of the earth!” Andrea said. All of a sudden, thats when it finally hit me that we were at the Mediterranean Sea.

Ahmos Diaz, Athens Scholar
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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