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Off-Season Moves

Dennis Wideman had a very bad season last year and many times he was the scapegoat for losses.  Most of the time, it was his fault.  With that being said, am I glad that he was traded this off-season?  Hmmm.  I’m not sad to see him go but I really just hope Seidenberg can stay healthy and be a potent number one defender with Chara.  Another reason why I’m not sad to see Wideman go is that it gives a chance for Adam McQuaid to be closer to the starting NHL lineup. I hate to admit it but at one point I almost bought a Wideman t-shirt.  Certainly glad I didn’t waste my money!

However, there is one reason why I did not like the Wideman trade and that is because it added two forwards which made less room for Vladimir Sobotka. If the Bruins did not add Campbell and Horton, Sobotka may still be on the team and I would be a very happy person.  If only I controlled things! Anyways, the fact is that Wideman and Sobotka are gone and Campbell and Horton are here to stay. Horton should be a good acquisition with the chance of being a twenty goal scorer. Campbell will most likely spend his time in Boston on the fourth line with Thornton and Paille or maybe Jeremy Reich!

Thinking about what our fourth line could have looked like this season with Sobotka on the team makes me smile. Reich, Thornton, and Sobotka are the best fourth line combination that I can think of. Granted I would rather see Sobotka on a higher line.  Ha, what’s the point?  He’s not on the team anyways.

Back to Reich. Reich was on the Bruins from 2006-2008. He is a true grinder and he would suite the fourth line with Thornton so well. Thornton and Reich are very similar in their styles of play and that would be a fourth line that opponents would not want to face.  Campbell will add a little more physicality to the line. As great as that line sounds, I feel that Reich will not be on the ice at the start of the season in Boston.

Michael Ryder…what is there to say about Ryder?  I really, really wish he was not on the team anymore taking up valuable roster space. If Ryder has another season like 2009-2010, we are in for a long, long season unless Julien finally decides to bench him. Ryder has the potential to score goals but he will need to do more than that.  I want to see him record at least four hits in the first month of the season. We’ll take it slow.  I don’t want to get hurt.

If only I was the general manager of the Boston Bruins…

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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