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An unusual day at the beach

We sat down on the beach and there they where asking if we wanted to buy something.  In the States we never see people actually walking the beach trying to sell us anything. But we where not in the States we where in Greece at the beach where Mediterranean Sea hits the shore. How different can a day at the beach really be? That is what was going through my head on the tram to the beach. Once I stepped onto the rocky sand I could see very clearly, I was wrong. This beach was not crowded at all, there was plenty of space to set up out towels and sit. But before I could put my towel down there were someone trying to get me to buy something; sunglasses, watches, even nail polish. This was unexpected but I shrugged it off and went on with my day.

After putting on some sun lotion, it was time to hit the water. I could already see how crystal clear the water was, while I was standing there. The beach, was like nothing I have ever seen before. Walking into the water was no problem because I could feel how warm and refreshing it was. In the States I am used to mostly cold waters of Maine and Massachusetts. I have been in warm water before in the states, in Virginia, but this was nothing I could compare to. Perfect temperature but also I could smell the salt in the water. There was definitely a higher constancy here than in the States. I did not think anything of it until I realized I could swim with ease. Not being a strong swimmer, I left more comfortable to go further out into the water, without drowning.  Swimming for what seemed like hours was so much fun. In the States I would not be in the water as long.

I finally got out and sat on the beach for a while. Before I even had a minute to myself there as another person trying to sell me an umbrella. I looked down the beach and saw the lot of them scattered about trying to sell their various products. I was starting to get annoyed. Once the venders left I laid out. I noticed the sun did not feel as harsh on my skin as I would feel in the States. I can usually feel my skin burning of me like butter and I would want to leave.  I did not burn at all but I did end up with a nice tan. As the time passed I decided to head back to the water, at this point the tide had begun to come in and brought a lot of trash with each wave. It was not pleasant. I could not swim more than three feet without hitting something plastic. There can be trash in the water in the States but not as bad as it got there. I quickly got out and sat back down. Here I played in the rocky and pebbly sand. Instead of a sand castle I made a rock sculpture. This was something new I had not done before. I also started to notice the vast amount of cigaret butts in the sand. I even found some chicken bones, while I dug.

Overall, the beach was a lot of fun. I was surprised how something so simple ended up being so very different. It was a great experience to have.  I will always remember the clear water and how the waves smell.  The memories of being in the water and feeling as I should stay there forever completely comfortable will say with me always.

Tina Weldon, Athens Scholar
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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