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“We depend on the earth…”

Hello Everyone!

I am truly thrilled to give you helpful hints about what you can do in the realm of recycling, the conservation of water and energy, as well as what the school is doing. I first would like to talk a little about the importance of participating in, not just the three topics I mentioned but others as well.

One of the biggest reasons many of you already know about, and that is that our resources are getting smaller. A resource starts out large, but as one person uses; let’s say half, the next person uses half of their half, until finally we all have to share half of a half, until there is nothing left. I know that it seems extreme and a long way off, but that is an important idea to remember for the generations of life after us. We’re not trying to save the earth; the earth doesn’t depend on us. We depend on the earth and we should care enough to keep things around for the continuation of our species, if for no other reason.

One reason that I have chosen to make changes in my life is because of my personal relationship with nature. As a child I spent many days and nights; camping, exploring, hiking, backpacking, and canoeing, as I am sure many of you have. The changes that I have made in my life were made because I enjoy the beauty of nature and want to see it around for a long time, I want to make sure that my kids will be able to see and do the things I have done. And on the less selfish side, I do love wildlife, and I want to see their homes protected and not destroyed.

My challenge for you this week is to think about why you would want to make some changes in your lifestyle. Perhaps you’d like to decrease your environmental impact, or maybe you’d like to make changes for health reasons. Whatever the motivation is I hope that the next post you read, you’ll have a reason to put the hints I have suggested into action in your own life.

Rebakka Milles
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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