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Hockey is Just Around the Corner

I am not really sure where I want to start this entry.  I just let you all hanging at the end of last season because I just could not make myself write about the busted series against the Flyers.  I was at Game 7 and I have to say that is the closest to crying that I have ever been at a sporting event.  It was absolutely heartbreaking (and wallet-emptying) and to make matters worse the Bruins did not even raise their sticks to the crowd.  I understand they were angry but so were we (and we spent money and they got money)!  Even the Penguins thanked their fans when they lost to the Canadiens.  Did we seriously get outclassed by the Penguins? In that moment, yes we did.  And that’s it for last year and that’s it for the infamous too many men call.  And no more trying to figure out if it was Savard’s, Sobotka’s, or a coach’s fault.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s September and the 2010 season is getting ready to go, so let’s go!

Before I go on about some of the moves that the front office made, I want to talk about Vladimir Sobotka for a little bit.  If you hadn’t noticed already, he is…er…was my favorite Boston Bruin.  I will forever remember the night when I was watching the local news and Dan Roche is rattling of the sports report and then at the end he nonchalantly adds that Bruin forward Vladimir Sobotka has been traded to the St. Louis Blues for the rights to Boston University defensemen David Warsofsky.  I was extremely angry when I heard that and saddened.  What makes it worse is the fact that Vladdy was involved in the too many men penalty in Game 7.  He doesn’t get the chance to redeem himself and show what he as to offer in a full season in Boston.  The only consolation I have with this deal is that he will hopefully get the chance to play fulltime for the Blues.  And I am definitely going to the Bruins game on November 6th against the Blues to see Sobotka play.

With all the Tyler vs. Taylor hype, congrats to Hall for going first but congrats to Seguin for going to the better team.  He will not go in the books as being the first overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft but Tyler Seguin certainly got the better deal in my mind.  Do I think the Bruins are better off with Seguin?  I am not really sure yet because Hall was more of the tough guy and Seguin is not.  I certainly think Seguin is going to help the Bruins more than he will hurt them.  Let’s just hope Seguin is nothing like Blake Wheeler or dare I say Phil Kessel.

Since the season is still a few weeks away, I will stop here and next week I discuss other moves like adding Horton and Campbell and saying goodbye to Dennis Wideman.  True Believers, the season is just around the corner, hang in there!

Kristin Carbone
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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