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A New Freshman Blogger

Hi, I’m Rachel and I live in Tilton, NH. I am a social work and counseling major, and will be writing about my freshmen experience. To start off, let me tell you a little about myself.  I sell shoes through the Jones Apparel Group, mostly at the Easy Spirit Outlet (comfortable shoes for an older generation) and also the Nine West Outlet (where I  use my discount often).  I can occasionally be found selling Cutco knives for some extra cash. My interests include Jim Morrison, punk rock, and Taco Bell. In high school, I found out that I completely suck at sports so I stuck to music. I play trumpet, flute, a little guitar, and I was in the Chamber Choir.

So far my transition to college has been pretty easy. Easier than I thought, actually. I came to college in a relationship, I have been with my boyfriend for over a year. Being away from him is surprisingly not hard at all. Which so far I can not tell if it’s a good or bad thing. My friends from high school are scattered – Arizona, New York, Boston, Ireland, a lot of them are still in New Hampshire, over two hours from here though. Being away from them isn’t too hard, we always have Skype and Facebook.

Although the homework I have gotten so far is plentiful,  I know I can handle it. I’m not used to so much free time, so I need to learn how to manage all of it. Last year, I would go to high school for seven hours, then work for five hours, four days a week. The extra day of the school week I had chorus practice which pretty much left two days of the week for resting and spending time with my boyfriend. Now, it’s so awesome that I can choose anything to do in my free time, without having the same schedule, week after week, month after month.

Life at Franklin Pierce definitely is not boring so far. I love the freedom of this school. It is so open, it feels as if the possibilities are endless. I hope throughout the school year I get to meet even more people and make the most of my time. Time management will definitely be important to remember as I stay here. I hope to look back at this first blog at the end of the year to see growth in my social life and independence as well.

Rachel Moon,
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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