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Top Songs of Summer

So here are ten songs I thought were the best to choose for the summer of 2010. I wanted to get a variety of different songs, and hopefully make sure there was something in here for everyone. I like songs that are not really well-known, so you may not know every song on here.  If you haven’t heard a song on here or a band/artist, go listen to their music and look them up! The songs can be found at the bottom of this blog, too. CLICK THE POP UP PLAYER after you read!

1. “Airplanes” B.O.B (ft. Hayley Williams)
I chose this as the number one song of the summer because it was huge! Paramore and B.O.B are two huge names right now. Every time I put the radio on this song is on. I like the second version better with Eminem but this one is on the radio, so everyone has a better chance of knowing it.

2. “I Like It” Enrique Iglesias (ft. Pitbull)
This is also huge. They performed it on So You Think You Can Dance and this is also always on the radio. This is one of those songs that I am not really proud about putting on here, but it was very popular this summer so it just had to be on here.

3. “The Only Exception” Paramore
I had to put this higher up. Paramore has had a few songs on the radio, but this one I think dominates them all. This is one of my favorites from them. It is from “Brand New Eyes.” If you like this song you will like the rest of that album. Also if you like this song, check out “We Are Broken,” that is also one of my favorites from Paramore. They had a huge tour this summer…The Honda Civic Tour…maybe you went to it? Paramore is definitely one of the biggest names this summer.

4. “Cooler than Me” Mike Posner
I love the song “Fame” and this reminds me of that so I am in love with this song. It is one of those songs you just want to blast when you’re driving your car, especially in the summer. You may not have heard about Mike Posner yet because he is not as well known as some people.

5. “Half of my Heart” John Mayer (ft. Taylor Swift)
I am in love with all of John Mayer’s music so he had to be in this list. This is his newest single from “Battle Studies.” If you still haven’t heard that album go listen to it! I don’t like that T.Swift is on here though.

6. “If I Had You” Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert…I loved him on American Idol, and then he got a little too crazy for me. But this song is amazing; it made me like him again. I always blast this when it comes on. How can you not want to dance to this song? I think this was my favorite summer dance song.

7. “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry
This song, when I first heard it I fell in love with it. I love Katy Perry’s music for some reason that I cannot explain. This song is just a feel good song. This came out at the end of summer but it definitely belongs on this list, even though “California Girls” was a big hit, this is better.

8. “We’ll Be A Dream” We the Kings (ft. Demi Lovato)

You may not have heard of We The Kings yet, but you will. They are not as well known as they will be in the next year or so. They were on Warped Tour 10 and this song is on the radio. They were the ones who came out with “Check Yes Juliet,” remember that? They are one of my favorite bands and they were on Warped Tour so they deserved to be on this list.

9. “Space Bound” Eminem
Again, you may not have heard this song yet, but it is amazing. This is on his new album “Recovery.” Once you listen to this you will love it.

10. “Misery” Maroon 5
I am not a big fan of this song, but I love Maroon 5. I feel like it sounds too much like “Makes Me Wonder.” I wanted Anarbor’s song “Gypsy Woman” on here but they are not well-known at all. If you want to check out new music check them and that song out. They were also on Warped Tour this summer and they are an amazing band.

Amelia Walters, Arts and Entertainment Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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