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*A media update…

So I’m sitting at my computer, five days before I leave for my trip to Athens, Greece wondering what the media will be like. As a Mass Communication major with a double concentration in Media Studies & Journalism, and a double minor in Advertising & Graphic Communications, along with being a college student, the media and communication networks of America pretty much run my life!

From Tweeting, to the Blogosphere, itunes to Incubus, Scrubs to CNN, American media is everywhere but I wonder if it will be the same as I travel overseas.

Currently, I am  having one of those mellow days, some packing, some school prep work basically just a relaxing rainy day but the media is consuming it entirely. As I write this I’m listening to Time to Pretend by MGMT, watching the Sox day game, texting my friend from home that just left for school, while my new itouch is uploading all 12,891 songs before I depart. This is enjoyable, for me. That being because I’m “relaxing” by consuming myself with American mediums, several at a time.

But I truly wonder, what will my travel bring me in the realm of Mass Communication. What will their television be like? Will they have newspapers over there, and if so, will there be the same journalistic code of ethics involved or will it be a governmental media system? Will their movies be the same as ours? What will the timeliness factor be like?

*A media update: the Sox are up 2-0 and the song now on my itunes is Can I Get Witcha by Biggie Smalls.

Back to the timeliness factor, I don’t anticipate “them” to be in awe of this new television show called BAYWATCH, but who am I to say that that’s not what they’ll be watching and intrigued by. Or I wonder if they even watch TV. How awful that would be…

I am excited because I will be traveling to multiple countries, aside from staying in Athens, I will be traveling to Italy, Turkey and Egypt at least as part of class excursions, possibly more places on my own time. This will give me the chance to see numerous different cultural media systems and make analysis and determination on the media throughout Europe.

*A media update: itunes is now playing Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine, Sox are now up 4-0.

What I anticipate out of my new media systems is that sports will be widely viewed, as it is in America. I feel that sports are universally a societal and cultural aspect and more than just a game. They are representing the honor of a geographical location so I feel that games will be largely televised and within the media system as a whole but what games will be viewed? Will a Rugby game be as watched as our Monday Night Football? Only time can tell.

I do also anticipate that American music will be largely in the media systems of Europe. I feel that music is a cultural language and artist varying from Lil Wayne to the Dropkick Murphy’s will see success within foreign media systems.

*A final media update, my ipod is done uploading it’s music, Sox are still up 4-1 now, and itunes is playing K’naan’s Wavin Flag.

Anyways, only time will tell what the Mass Communications system is like in my international studies, none the less, you will all hear about it via Tweet, Status Updates, emails, and of course, this blog.

 Nicholas Vitukevich, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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