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Freshmen move-in day is coming

Less than a week and counting to the start of fall semester, Facebook seems to be alive with the fever almost; posts about the excitement, the raunchy glamour of what college life might be, and the occasional just picking stuff up for the dorm, invade tags and news feeds. I can’t say I feel the excitement, or that I’m “pumped,” the way everyone else seems to be. Before Sunday, I couldn’t have had said the same though. Before Sunday I definitely felt like a part of me was a like a scared little girl waiting around for some sort of special gift. I still feel like a little girl waiting around for a present with a floppy bow but only with no fear. I think I’ve convinced myself to put expectations and jitters aside for now. I’d be willing to bet the night before move in, or day of all the fear and anxiety will wash back over me. On a different note, I’ve been able to shed the constant homesickness of missing Texas-and its comforting. I have yet to start packing, but as I stare into the abyss of the things cluttered around my closet (Uggs hidden under a pile of tees, scarves peeking out from under faded jeans, and old movie tickets showing print inside satin pumps), I think about how weird it is that I’m not home in Texas debating sheet schemes instead I’m in New Jersey, IMing the roommate about Bed Bath and Beyond curtains. In a way, Saturday feels so far away, and in a way I can’t see it just yet, but I can see passed it. I can imagine a snow covered campus, and a muddy courtyard,  my first snowstorm, etc. For now, waiting it out, last minute shopping, and university social networking consume my week between work and finally accepting Jersey. I guess we’ll just have to see what the weekend and year bring.

Jessica Addis
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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