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Jessica Addis

“Mens Sibi Conscia Recti”

“Forsight” and “God’s Grace”-are both translations of my name-Jessica(or preferably Jess)*-I’ve never really known how to feel about this, just that they ironically go hand in hand. To see into an abyss, but to have the promise of grace…? My impeccable sense of optimism must come from my name:p As far as compiling this biography goes, I’m ill equipped. I don’t believe I have the means or experience for any worthy bedazzling piece of life substance in the past 18yrs to hold prolonged interest. I can only strand together pieces of who over the next few months I hope to become. Its inconceivable for me to believe that the aura of college won’t change me in some way, or that the distance from home (Texas) won’t eventually have a noose around my neck day by day. The revealing of the interpretations of my name is (in all the ignorance of the next statement), somehow my safety net. Perhaps I was given the wrong name, and the wrong attachment to it, but when I consider the Greeks and the Romans and the importance they stressed on names….Zuess, Hercules, Athena, living up to a name had a considerable bio impact. For now, I’m Jess from Texas, who-to put her life on it-can’t truly explain the elation or the curiosity currently facing me, but as I figure it out, they was every collegiate should, I open it all to audience.

Jessica Addis
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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