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Mike Husson

Hello, my name is Mike Husson. I live in Atkinson, New Hampshire and I have attended Trinity High School in Manchester, NH for the past 4 years. I am definitely excited too start at FPU and I am also excited about blogging about my experience. I will be blogging about things like my transition from high school too college, certain activities I am into, and things like that. Wanting too become a sports broadcaster in the future, I would also like too incorporate my passion for sports into my blogs. My intended major is Mass Communications. Like I said I really want too fulfill my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster and I know that FPUwill help me achieve that dream. The most important things I would like too get out of FPU is making new friends, working hard at school, and just overall having a great freshman year. I am very optimistic that all these will happen and I cannot wait too start on the 28th!!

Mike Husson
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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