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Australia Just Keeps on Getting Better!

Australia Just Keeps on Getting Better!

Well classes have been going well and Easter break is next week. Starting Friday I will be at the beach or out and around our apartment finding out a little more about the area.

We went to the Lady Gaga concert in Brisbane. It had to have been one of the most interesting and fun concerts I have ever been to. She performed so well and is definitely a very talented woman. Her show consisted of her playing a piano lit on fire, a blood fountain in which she sat in and many great stage props that made the over all singing and dancing even better. Here are a couple pictures from the show…

Brisbane City was also an amazing site and really brought to mind Boston to me. It made me a little homesick, but also reminded me that I need to experience all that I can while I am in Australia. Also that it is important to step outside what I consider to be normal and embrace the many diverse things in this world that I can.

I have a few plans for this break besides getting ahead on assignments. First, I would like to visit Coolangatta, which is a beach town just a short bus ride from our apartment. Secondly, I would love to check out The Australia Zoo, the former home of Steve Irwin. Lastly, I want to relax, which seems to be what I do here anyways.

Much more to come next week!

Ta for now!

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