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post#5 – where to start!?

Where to even start??

This past weekend in North Stradbroke Island, known as Straddie to the locals, was quite an adventure.

I managed to only miss one class friday because of the departure time of our trip, but I have to say it was indeed worth it.

We were picked up at 2pm from our apartment and headed to a ferry, which was surprisingly peaceful.

Once we were on the island, the sun was just beginning to set, which made for great photos, especially since we stopped on a beach. After our little photo opportunity we headed to dinner at Seashells a very cute little restaurant that had amazing food. Gordon was the chefs name and he definitely knows how to feed a crowd. The food was phenomenal and the desserts were even better.

All right less about food more about the experiences that the weekend had to offer…

Immediately following dinner on friday night we were given a speech by one of the islands own Aboriginal men, Shane Coghill, who told us about his ancestors and about their relationship with the earth and all its elements, poisonous snakes and crocadiles included. Not only did Shane share his stories, but he made me think more about what I can do to be more connected with Earth and why littering and other harmful things can do to this place that is so vital to human life. Their needs to be an effort made to give back and be kind to this Earth, after all it’s the only one we have.

This powerful speech was truly captivating. More information can be found about Shane 

We were up early Saturday morning for Sea kayaking and snorkeling to start the day. This was interesting because we paddled out to a small island where a mangrove was. It was filled with little fish and a bunch of hermit crabs. 

Next was the painting and learning to throw of the boomerangs. We got another lesson in Aboriginal history, but this time through art. Not only did we use symbols of Aboriginal animals and nature, but we got to keep the ones we painted. Learning to throw them was a bit of a challenge though considering the windy conditions of the day.

Saturday we also took a nice nature walk through a gorge. It was nice to stop, think, and relax a bit after the mornings events. Once again I was truly taken a back by the beauty of Australia.

Sunday, in my own opinion, was the best day of the trip although we had to be up by 6. I finally got the chance to surf. It was honestly so exciting and on my first wave out I stood up. It was a very fun end to the weekend.

I learned a lot more about Australia  in such a short span of time, and I am super excited for the next excursion in Cairns where I will be snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

So many new and excited things to come! Stay tuned!

Ta for now!

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