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post # 4 – changes.

Classes began last week and I have noticed a couple of changes from Franklin Pierce and Griffith University.

Obviously the weather is significantly different, but besides that the professors are much more laid back in their guidance of how classes are run. For example, students will stroll into class anywhere from 5-30 minutes late and instead of being reprimanded class keeps going and the late comers are somewhat ignored.

Another change I have noticed since classes began are the amount of graduate students that are mixed in with undergraduate students.

Overall my classes all seem like they will be fun and interesting. I am excited to see where my experiences here both inside and outside the classroom take me.

I am looking forward to this weekend because it is our free excursion to North Stradbroke Island, where I will not only be learning to surf and sandboard, but where we will be learning more about the Australian culture from hands on experience.

I will elaborate on my experiences this coming weekend, in next weeks blog!

Ta for now!

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  1. Ida Ida March 14, 2010

    How wonderful to read that a “PIERCE” student is participating in the adventures & culture of Australia. Your blogs are a great connection to remind all students that we can expand our horizons and learb at the same time. May your journey be one of enlightment with memories in your pocket for a lifetime. Absorb it all Jocelyn. Love and a happy journey.

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