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Games holding us all back

I want every game that I play to be good. I want games to move beyond the children’s toys that everyone still believes they are. But certain people really do not seem to like this idea. To them games are just made for profit, nothing more. Now maybe someone truly thought these ideas were good ones, but I really hope not. These are games that do not need to exist, period.

Army of Two

Now Gears of War got a huge audience for a few reasons: the gameplay was innovative and something quite different, there was co-op, and the graphic were incredible. Everything else about this game was…ummm what’s the word…stupid. But EA Montreal needed more than a stupid premises to stop them. The game was a poor man’s Gears. In fact, the story made Gears of War look like a work of genius. Not only that but they had the nerve to use 9/11 as the reason they went on their mission. With no redeeming elements of the game it was wonder that they made a sequel…why did they make a sequel…

Dante’s Inferno

Don’t you wish you had a game based on the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri in the early 14th century? No? You say you think that is the last time you would ever want and it is a stupid idea. Well rejoice because Visceral Games and EA did not listen and made the game anyway. Now Visceral Games is an amazing studio. In fact their last game, Dead Space, is one of my favorites of all time. So why did they make a God of War rip off that only uses the name the Dante’s Inferno to get a few more purchases from the Hot Topic crowd. Only they will ever know. Ya I am sure it sold fine but so did Transformers 2 and that does not make it right either.

Godfather II

Making a game based on one of the most treasured movies of time…it is an ok idea I guess. But in reality you can only fail. You can never live up to the legacy so why try. You should make something that is your own and strive for you own amazing achievement in your own medium. But EA Redwood Shores live by the old saying “if it’s broke don’t fix it” and a sequel to Godfather: the Game was born. So they made Godfather II, a game based on the arguably better movie (or at least would appear to be based on it by the name) just to say they do not care what you think even louder. This one speaks for itself. If you have seen the movies you know that it did not need to be made into a Grand Theft Auto like game.

These are just a few things that were made to make money and to bring the industry two steps back just for the fun of it. These games should have stopped in the planning stage…no wait…they never should have been thought of at all. On second thought, just make these people make more games on 50 Cent’s life. That way they can just make games that are so bad that they become good.

Jeff Silva,
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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