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post #1 – the arrival


After a 21 hour flight experience we have arrived! Orientation is underway!

So we have been going non-stop since we landed at 9am here, 6pm there…its now 10:30pm here just about and we are all pretty beat.

 Its been a hectic day, within the first 5 minutes of landing in melbourne and going through security we had to take clothes out of our suitcases for orientation which is today, thursday, friday and clothes to fly to the Gold Coast in on Saturday.

 Oh and we only had 20 minutes to do so, needless to say the exhaustion from the long flight didn’t help with my quick packing abilities.

When we finally got on to the bus to take us to Melbourne it felt so cool to be in this new place, cars on opposite sides of the road and all! After our short period of free time for lunch, just after I called you, we were on the bus en route to our hotel, another hour and a half of driving…ugh!

Kangaroos are so awesome to see in person, I took lots of great pictures which should be up saturday, friday for you…the new camera is amazing I Love IT!!!

We arrived at our hotel around 5pm only to be told that we had an hour to get ready…here’s the kicker, because of the drought here we are limited to 4 minute showers, I thought that was bad enough but then they said because of the amount of people (roughly 90), we needed to limit our showers to 2, yes 2 minutes!!!! So crazy, right?

Getting ready wasn’t so bad we were just happy to shower after all the hustle and bustle of the day. We met with the group of people going to griffith university or to queensland university, where we did group activities to learn about australia!

Overall it was fun…Dinner was next, chicken cordon blue, steamed carrots and broccoli, potatoes, salad and rolls. So yummy!

At this point however, all of us were sooooo extremely exhausted that we loaded up on coffee.

A presentation was given on our free excursions and others we can choose from as well. I think we are leaning towards the Cairns/Great Barrier Reef excursion which includes snorkelling or scuba diving! Here’s the website so you can check out the excursions for yourself!

So long for now! More to come, it seems to be non stop activities so far!

Jocelyn Lamonday
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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