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Not quite Modern, Not quite Warfare: A First Time Though Modern Warfare 2’s infamous No Russian Level

“Remember, No Russian.” I knew from the beginning that something was not right; I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. For an elevator this one seemed to be moving awful slow; it may have just felt that way though. I was told in my briefing that this mission would change me as a person. That it would change me for the worse. I only knew that my sacrifice was for the greater good, or that I was told that it would be. “Ding”, the elevator doors opened. My eyes burned like when opening the curtains after restless sleep.  It appeared that we were in an airport. We had guns; they did not. Without warning, the people who accompanied me drew their guns and started firing wildly into the crowd. Men and women fell left and right. Some were running for their lives while others tried to drag themselves away on their bellies. A long, red smear followed them as far as they could crawl. My first reaction was to figure out a way to stop what was going on. I knew if I shot the people I was with that I would fail the mission and more people would be killed due to my interfering with the mission. I just had to trust my superior officers and go forward in this horrendous journey. As these men marched forward, they continued to disperse a lead wave of mutilation. I tried to think of anyway at all that I could help these people. So, I begin mercy killing. I walked up to a man drenched in blood, whom fell on the floor likely due to the wound he receive and shot him in the head. A women was twitching on the floor with her back up against the wall, I shot her. It seemed like the least I could so rather than let these monsters take the last shot at them. Then the cops arrived. This is when I knew that I would have to shoot my way out, I would have to kill these officers, whom were just trying to save as many people as they could and kill them to save myself and progress with the mission. At least they are professionals; they knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the force.  And then the 3rd wall crumbled. “Press RB to lob grenades.”

Jeff Silva
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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