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Poor Palin :-(

Sarah Palin is going to be big in the news for a little bit while the fiery drama caused by her book release flames up. Let me tell you something right off the bat: I am not a fan of Palin. I don’t like her views, I don’t like her attitude, and I just plain don’t like hearing her talk. That’s another story for another day, what I want to focus on is her use of the “Poor Woman” card.

Ah yes, politicians are no strangers to such cards. From the “Race” card to the “Liberal Bias” card, politicians have been finding new and interesting ways to make themselves look like victims in order to gain support. Personally, I loathe the practice and find it a cheap method to rope in votes. Well now Palin is using the “Poor Woman” card against Newsweek’s cover that features the eager Alaskan.

Palin has tried this trick many times before. Blasting any publication or network that criticizes her as being “sexist” or having “liberal bias.” She never hesitates to use political cards to make herself look like a victim to distract citizens from her mistakes. The “Poor Woman” card is used to make the user look like they are being attacked because, well, they are a woman. This card tries to show that there is no other reason for the attacks besides the fact that the user is a strong woman that men are afraid of.

The irony of this card is that it shows that the user is not strong, rather she is weak and cannot handle the heat. There are strong women throughout our society who have done great things and are helping to direct America to a better future. Do they have some odds against them? Sure. Do they constantly complain about being victims? Probably not. You see Palin, if you were really a strong woman you would rise above any real sexism rather than seek out excuses to complain about so-called sexist offenses.

You are not helping women in America by victimizing yourself at every turn. Take responsibility for your mistakes and, if you really care about women in America, stop being such an opportunist with these things. That Newsweek cover? Sure it COULD be taken as sexist if you really wanted, but I see something different. The feature on Palin is critical of Palin, so obviously they are going to find a picture that reflects the content of the article. She is an attention-seeker who is not truly ready to lead a nation. What better way to show that then to take a picture that she AGREED to take for a running publication, obviously using her looks to promote herself.

While Palin tries to present herself as a rebellious and motivated leader, she is really nothing more than a machine that spits out inflammatory talking points, followed by a wink and a smile (yet very little fact checking). She needs to constantly go after the media because they pull the curtain and show what she has: nothing. She is charismatic to her followers, but she is too polarizing a figure to be given responsibilities in government. Palin does what Palin wants and, if she gets in trouble, seems to have no problem shifting the blame to others.

One of the entertaining things about Palin is waiting to see how low she will go. Who else is trying to go after her because she is a woman? Who else is lying about her because she is conservative? I don’t know, but I bet Sarah Palin will make it up.

Robbie Michaelson, Managing Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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