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Playin’ dem Facebook Games

the horror...
the horror…

Facebook. You use it. I use it. Good times. What do I use it for? I like to communicate with my friends and update them on what is going on in my life (I also use it to check out emo status updates and feel better about my life and find out if cute girls are single). What do I see everybody else doing on Facebook? Playing stupid games like Mafia Wars and Farmville.

Is that what your life has come to? Pretending to be a gangster while bringing lonely pink cows into your stupid little farm? How can these things be fun at all? Look at a real farmer’s life, does it look like fun to you? The answer is no and you should consider ending your love affair with Facebook games. When a lonely cow comes along asking you to take him in, give him a shotgun to the face.

My news feed is always full of stories about how my friend’s are bringing in animals or turned another friend into a vampire. I don’t care. I will never care. It actually makes me hate you. I am going to make it a point to unfriend anybody who plays these stupid games on Facebook.

Now I enjoy video games and find myself playing all types of games while I am online. There are plenty of resources for quality browser games to play while you are surfing the web. Yet people settle for the mediocre offerings on Facebook because they don’t know any better. Newgrounds has a vast selection of fun games along with awesome flash cartoons for your viewing pleasure. Kongregate also has a large selection of games to become addicted to inside a great community. Don’t settle for mice hunting on Facebook when you can play thousands of much, much better games on other websites.

If you want to waste your time, do it effectively. Don’t settle for sub par time diversions when you have a world of quality gaming at your fingertips. Get off of Facebook and go play some way cooler games. What do you have to lose? You have already lost your dignity…

Robbie Michaelson, Managing Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger


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  1. electricworm electricworm January 7, 2010

    Farmville is my fave Facebook game, although I do feel zynga is ripping people off. They just seem to bring out an endless supply of highly addictive games. How does any one find the time to get other things done? I have found an answer for busy people here.

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