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I hate this game

You think this campus would be a gamers’ paradise, in actually it is far from it. With the school’s internet being as slow as it is you have to find specific games to play with friends on campus. Yes I know I have all reading ranted about a similar topic, but I do not care because I am still mad so I am going to do it anyway.

The recent game that has my tightie whities all in a bunch is Borderlands. Borderlands is a game that has a substantial co-op element to it. It is a hybrid of a Diablo-esque MMO (yes I know Diablo is not an MMO, but admit they are similar) and an FPS. Basically that means that it is a first person shooter with loot. Loot is the simplest idea with the most addictive element. It means that every weapon in the game is different. They might be could be completely different or they might just have a couple of different stats, either way their always is a better weapon so you always want a better weapon.

My roommates and I wanted to buy Borderlands. We were hoping to play 4 player co-op and the best way to play it on campus would be split-screen. Few games do this anymore. One game though, do two player split-screen and let you system link them. That game is Left 4 Dead. When you put two TV’s in your living room and get 3 of your friends to play Left 4 Dead with you, it is the most amazing gaming experience ever. People are screaming, scolding one another for leaving a friend behind, thanking someone for having their back, or healing a friend in need. It is a good feeling to know that if the world was filled with zombies that you could survive.

Because Borderlands had split-screen and online play, I assumed that it had abilities that would be allowed together. I was wrong. Even offline, systems cannot be linked to play a 4 player game with two consoles and two copies of the game. I realize that I am the minority in the way that I play, but over half of gamers still do not play games online. On campus, I become part of that statistic. So, Borderlands lost my purchase. I cannot buy many games now-a-days, but I know what I am getting next; Left 4 Dead 2. The game that I know will have this feature. I know this is a rant and I am acting like a spoiled child, but I do care it is stupid and I hate everyone.

Jeff Silva
Pierce Arrow Blogger

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