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Waste your Time: Sporcle

I bet you are just about to get some work done and just wanted to take a quick look at a blog post before you started. Well I hope you don’t need to get it done today because I am about to give you a website that will suck away your day. I have recently discovered the greatest website for those that want to be distracted or waste their time: Sporle.

Sporcle is the quiz website to end all quiz websites. You start off with a category such as U.S. Presidents or games featuring Mario and the timer counts down. You then have a limited amount of time to list every answer in that category before the time runs out. This may sound pretty plain, but when you actually play it is awesome.

You enter your answers in the answer box and right when you type in the correct answer it appears on the list. This magical feature adds a sense of excitement because you get results in real-time. It is also fun when you are stuck and type in a random answer and it materializes suddenly on the list. This is usually proceeded by a bunch of “OOOOOOOOOOOH” from your friends playing along.

Sporcle needs to be played with a group of people in order to get the full experience. Nothing brings friends together like collectively trying to remember every Pokemon from the original games or which movies made the most money in 2006. I in no way promote excessive drinking, but if you are so inclined you can turn Sporcle into a drinking game where one drinks every time an answer is added to the list.

What makes Sporcle even better is that you can check your results and compare them to others who have taken the quiz. It is so satisfactory to know that only five percent of players got that answer you got on the first try. You get ranked by your performance and are entitled to bragging rights for at least a week.

It is hard to describe just how amazing Sporcle is. You need to try it out yourself and then go on to hate me the rest of your life because you are no longer able to get work done. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go on Sporcle and see if I can list every three-letter body part…

Robbie Michaelson, Pierce Arrow Managing Editor
Pierce Arrow Blogger



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